Violinist Rosanne Philippens speelt Bach, Telemann, Graupner

Bach, Telemann and Graupner

The Amsterdam Salon is a Sunday afternoon concert series, organised by internationally acclaimed violinist Rosanne Philippens. Top musicians from all over the world come together to play classical chamber music in a living room set-up, open to all types of audiences. During the program, the musicians and/or an invited speaker will put the performed pieces in a historical context. Plus, there will be good wine and all kinds of homemade bites. The first drink is included in the ticket price, the bites are for free.

After the show, everyone is invited to stick around for a jam-session, in which anyone can improvise, sight-read classical pieces, cite poems, jam some jazz.. You’re invited to join! Simply write to what you’d like to do. Nothing is too crazy. Well, maybe some things are. But most things aren’t.

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16:00 - 17:00

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